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Cannabis Expert Signs Nonfiction Book Deal for 'Billion Dollar Dimebag'

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Author Jackson D. Tilley is behind the bar discussing his new book, 'Billion Dollar Dimebag'

Making a Killing with Bethany McLean

Now that cannabis is "legalish" there are a host of new opportunities for emerging businesses and investments... but also a decent amount of playing wait-and-see. Today, pot is legal in 33 states. But it is still illegal at the federal level. From a financial point of view, too, the short history of cannabis stocks is... high and lows! In this fascinating episode, Bethany talks with Jackson Tilley, author of the book Billion Dollar Dimebag, about the business of cannabis, what he calls the next great American industry. But is it really?

CU Independent

CU alum Jackson Tilley reflects on the cannabis industry in “Billion Dollar Dimebag”


'Billion Dollar Dimebag' Author Jackson Tilley On Sobriety, LGBTQ+ Acceptance In The Cannabis Industry


Jackson D. Tilley Chronicles His Untold Story Of Cannabis, While Helping Shape New Conversations About The Industry

Merry Jane

‘Billion Dollar Dimebag’: The Story of One Sober Man's Rise in the Weed Industry


A Millennial Tells His Story In Brash New Memoir

WOR Tonight with Joe Concha

WOR Tonight's Joe Concha and Cooper Lawrence Interview Jackson about his new book and changing regulations in the New York cannabis market.

Green Market Report

If you think you don’t belong in the cannabis industry, this book could change your mind. 

Culture Magazine

Author Jackson D. Tilley recently announced that his new nonfiction book, entitled Billion Dollar Dimebag: An Insider’s Account of America’s Legalish Cannabis Industry, will officially be releasing on Sept. 17. The book is currently available for preorder now.


It could be an HBO series…if it didn’t actually happen. Author Jackson Tilley tells all on his struggles with substance, sexuality and the cannabis industry in his new memoir Billion Dollar Dimebag.


Keep your pot at home when leaving California, warns first ever airport PSA on recreational marijuana


Meet Organa Brands, the cannabis company that wants to dominate the U.S. market

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“Ask For Everything You’ve Ever Wanted” With Author Jackson D. TIlley

Shorty Award Nominees

Jackson Tilley and the Organa Brands team nominated for a 2019 Shorty Award

The Los Angeles Times

The “Cannabis Is Legal” campaign was the brainchild of Organa’s public relations director Jackson Tilley, who approached Heidl after seeing a dating app advertised at Denver International Airport. “This is absolutely something we have to do,” Tilley recalled thinking.

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"On 4/20, we’re in Colorado for a tour through the world of legal weed"

Thrive Global

“Get A Great Agent, Unless You’ve Self-Published Twenty NYT Bestsellers, You’re Going To Need Some Help”
5 Insider Tips With Author Jackson D. TIlley

USA Today

Can you fly with marijuana within legalized states?

The Points Guy

New “Cannabis Is Legal” TSA Bins Being Used in California

Colorado Daily

We the People: Student group's shades sales support CU scholarships

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“Get A Kickass Agent, Unless You’ve Self-Published Twenty NYT Bestsellers, You’re Going To Need Some Help”

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The PSA is the brainchild of Organa Brand’s publicity director, Jackson Tilley, who says gaining approval for the ads from the TSA was an arduous 4-month process. The idea was initially met with plenty of hostility. “Have you ever tried to push a boulder up a mountain?"